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060416 Alef Bet Beads - Colored

Bargains!!! Bargains!!! Bargains!!!Bargains!!! !!! Bargains!!!

This page is now just chockful of our sale items. Take advantage of our clearing out our old stock and making room for the new. You win both ways, bargains and new,fresh items. Items here change, so check back often.

GREAT NEWS!!! You just won't believe this. Our longstanding, super-popular aleph bet beads,now with a whole new colored look and a whole new super great price. You now get 773 letter beads (the old set included 600), 600 assorted colored beads, 100 black necklace laces, colored bracelet cord and a sectioned box. It was great item for your class, youth group programs, and shul boutiques. NOW, it will be even better!!

Price $70.00


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